Tumble Time

Tumble Time

Found this gem buried wayyyyyy down deep in my archives and figured I’d share a giggle.

! Happy Tuesday !

– – – – – – – – – – – –

There we were.
High school best friend and I.
Riding our bikes through our lovely hometown.
Thinking, CORRECTION: knowing !! we were oh so cute and very, very cool.


We might have been cute but I at least, was a million miles away from cool.

uh huh.

Friend and I traveled the same route at every opportunity over that summertime recess.
Past the cute boys’ houses.
We knew where every last one of them lived
& I am not ashamed to admit, we were stalkers.
Very diligent stalkers, I might add.

On a good day, those adolescent hunks would be outside.
Maybe washing a car.
Maybe playing catch.
Bonus points if it was hot and humid because their shirts would be off.
Friend and I were big fans of ripply muscles.

On one particular day that is forever etched in my brain, we just happened to happen pass a house where a gaggle of burly brawn sat, soaking up that sun.


Trying our best to be noticed in an oh so casual way, we ever so nonchalantly readied to ride pass
& I very much remember the infamous words of my best friend.
“Whatever you do, don’t fall.”






cue …

I fell.

I’m not quite sure if it was the gigantic boulder in the road that I did not see, or if I was concentrating a bit too much on my not so cool coolness but, down I went, bike and all.


Luckily we were still a house or two away from the beef.
I’m pretty sure they didn’t even noticed.
That’s what I tell myself anyway.
It was hard not to notice.


The woman who’s house where I performed my slo-mo-roll, noticed.
Boy oh boy ! did she notice.
She ran up to me like only a #nicey would, asking if I was ok ??!!?? as she helped untangle my legs from my bike.
“I’m fine. I’m fine” I mumbled
& I was.
Mortified, but fine.

Girlfriend couldn’t get us out of there fast enough
& although we’ve lost touch and haven’t spoken in years, I often wonder if she has recovered from this most humiliating of moments.
But hey, the good news is  … We saw the chisel that day.


Oh, High School.
How I would love to experience you all over again.

On second thought, maybe not.
I’m still working on my cool.