This Old House

This Old House

This house was already pushing old when Husband, Son and I moved in 33 years ago.
It was his family home, it’s where he grew up.
Husband’s parents had decided to move
& so
they sold their home to a delighted, newborn couple called, Us.

I had always loved this house.
But I was unseasoned and naive and really not looking beyond the acre of land in the backyard.
And that tree.
That big, awesome, towering, cottonwood tree.

We decided !! YES !! we definitely want to raise our family in this old house

& we did.
Child # 2 and # 3 came along, in time
& life became busy.

This house has been a very good place to raise three children
& if these walls could talk, they would tell of the love that grew here.
Laughter and silliness were plenty.
Squabbles and mad faces were few.

As they grew, each child brought in friends
& friends. And friends.
This old house was the hub to many sleepovers, gatherings and parties.
From elementary school to middle school to high school to college and beyond, ours was a second home.

Year after year.
Christmas after Christmas.
Birthday after birthday.
Happy times and sad.
This old house has been dear and constant.
It’s home.
In every definition ever defined, it is home.
A happy, happy home.

But this old house of ours is tired
& has been tired for a long time.
I sometimes think she wanted to call it quits ages ago, but just keeps holding on for us.
She has been aching with unfix-able aches and has been telling us that ‘it’s time’ for quite awhile now.
Time to move on.
Husband and I have been trying to ignore her pleas.
But with every new thing that falls apart on this steadfast, old, geezer, she gives us yet another sign that yes, it’s time

& hmmm. She’s probably right, but here Husband and I stay. Here we remain.

I had an interesting conversation with a couple of young, bubbly souls this past weekend. We reminisced about our long ago and all the joyful goings on they experienced in this house !! Eventually and inevitably though, the conversation turned to ‘old’ and what to do

What. To. Do.

But, as I sit here on this Monday morning, I’m feeling a whole lot of BIG HUGS brewing in my heart for this simple place I call Home.

You see, there was a devastating fire at an apartment complex a few blocks away on Friday night and people I know lost everything they own. Clothes and furniture and pictures and valuables and toys and memories and stuff … and I can’t even imagine what they are feeling and experiencing at this moment. But, they are here, they are alive and with the help of family, friends and a come together community, they will rebuild

& I think, WoW

& I think, thankful

& I think, today, now

& I think I am seeing this old timer of a house in a brand new, wonderful light.


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