200 Steps

200 Steps

He’s there. I promise you, he’s right there.

A buck and all of his majestic glory, standing within those trees as still as a statue, waiting, wondering, watching my every move.

He and I frozen, staring, neither of us knowing what to do next, lost in a moment so incredibly spiritual until I ever soooooo slowly take my phone and snap what I hope to be the most awesome picture EVER

& yep, he allowed me the opportunity


then he returned to his eating biz and I came back to reality

& even though my image is not what I anticipated, those dark trusting eyes will stay with me for a very, very long time. It’s as if he knew, without a doubt, that I meant no harm. An understanding, shared.

I’m hoping he has been witness to, all those many days and evenings before, a figure walking 100 steps, tossing edible, compostable scraps into the wonderful wilderness and walking 100 steps back to the house. Because in my mind, I sometimes imagine those critters in my mini forest scurrying about with a ‘Here she comes ! Here she comes !’ each time they view my orange draped self venturing into their space.

yippee !! The snack lady is here. She never fails !!

Oh Nature.

!! Nature !!

YOU are the one that never, ever fails. My continual reminder is what you are, my cue, my tranquil confidence.

I may not see,
I might not realize
& quite often, you are mysteriously impossible to comprehend but,
if I only believe, if I simply BELIEVE
then shhhhh. shhhhh.

Yes, ooooooh yes. I promise you, He IS right there.


I Am My Feelings