Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Eve !
& if you happen to be wondering,
I won’t be one of the millions traveling the highways and byways this year.

This year, I will be happily kicking back with a whole lotta nothing.
No. Thing.
A burnt hot dog, a fire in the pit, a lawn chair and ahhhhh
that’s all I ask out of life.
But, since so many of you will be hitting the road and driving off to your happy place destinations, I thought I’d send you on your merry little way with some words from my archives.

Welcome back to ‘Jesus On Wheels’
written March, 2016

Enjoy ! !


He came into my life a few years ago.
Sister and Daughter found him in a novelty shop and knew that we belonged together.
They wrapped him up and handed him over with a just because smile
& we’ve been together ever since.

‘He’ is my Jesus on wheels
& I take him everywhere with me.
Why he’s on wheels, I really don’t know.
I think he was made to be some kind of action figure.
Maybe ?
Having him and his wheels nearby just works for me.

I place him on my dashboard whenever I travel by car
& I put him in my suitcase if traveling by air.
He’s a great travel mate.
He patiently listens, he understands my rambles and he is always willing to ease my every so often troubled mind.

When I was a child, I remember being extremely intrigued by a compass Grandpa had on his dashboard
& that stern looking Jesus statue Great Auntie had in her car.
I’d sit there and wonder if Grandpa used that compass to guide him or was it there for decoration
& what’s up with that Jesus ?
Why does he look so mean ?
I decided it must be an old person thing
& I’d never, ever be old.
I’d never, ever do THAT.

Except my Jesus smiles
& he’s on wheels.

Jesus and I are heading out on another adventure today.
Along with Husband, we are on our way to the land of fluffy clouds and sunshine.
The family awaits
& as we unpack the car to hunker down at Grandson’s for a week I am certain a soon to be 2 year old will be looking for our friend ‘E -sus’
You see, ‘E -sus’ likes to ride in Grandson’s bus and trucks.
Likes to play in the farm and roll down the slide too.
He’s a very fun, adventurous guy.

I get it now, Grandpa and Auntie.
The compass.
The statue.
But, I got 2 for the price of 1 that day this just because gift entered my life.
Because he’s my guide and my friend.

He’s my Jesus.
My Jesus on wheels.


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