My Broken Lawnmower

My Broken Lawnmower

I love cutting the grass.
I hate grocery shopping.

I’m talking really really love and really really hate.

My husband and I have a unwritten, never really talked about, just happened rule.
I cut the grass.
He grocery shops.

It works.
I’m happy.
He’s happy.

We have a lot of grass.
That’s one of the reasons I’ve stay in this house for so many years.
Lots of grass and my big, bald tree.

It’s no secret that I love my lawnmower.
I got it one birthday after dropping a million hints.

My music and my lawnmower.
Pure, simple happy.

We’ve been on vacation for a few weeks so the grass needed cutting yesterday.
YaY !
I was really looking forward to spending a good portion of the day with my music and my lawnmower.

Long story short…
She (my lawnmower) broke.
She was acting weird and then …kaput.

You have no idea how this spoiled my yesterday.
It kinda ruined it.
I went from very happy to ….. very not.

The grass got cut.
We have a riding mower so …. no problem there.
And my lawnmower will be fixed so … no problem there either.

So why the bad mood and mad reaction to my broken lawnmower ?
Don’t ask me Bob.

I’m thinking it had something to do with the thought of grocery shopping ….