The Cellar

The Cellar

I loved my Gramma’s house.

Walking into her place gave me a feeling like no other.
It was pure unconditional love.
Truly priceless.

Everything about my Gramma’s house was wonderful.

Except the cellar.

I had a weird, unexplainable feeling every time I ventured into that cellar.
We had to go down there if we wanted to take a shower.
Bath upstairs or shower downstairs.
You choose.

Let’s just say I took a lot of baths at Gramma’s house.

I’ve never before or since felt like I felt in that cellar.
Something unseen was there.
I could feel it.

I sometimes experience 6th sense kind of feelings.
It’s never been a big deal.
It really doesn’t bother me.
It bothered me in that cellar.

My Gramma died years ago.
So Gramma’s house is not Gramma’s house anymore.
Some lucky somebody else lives there now.

I wonder, if given the chance to go back into the cellar …would I ?
& what would I feel if I did ?

I guess I’ll never know.
And that’s ok.