Who Wants Cake ?

Who Wants Cake ?

’cause it’s my party and I’ll eat the cake that I want to
the cake that I want to
the cake that I want to …

! ! Enjoy ! !

– – – – – – – – – –

I’ve never really given much thought to birthday cakes.
I eat.
I enjoy
& that’s enough for me.


Until recently.
Recently, I was at a family gathering which included a birthday cake,
a very delicious birthday cake, I might add.
It was make-d and baked by Dad, for me, because it’s my favorite
& because that dad of mine is so darn nice.

It’s called Applesauce Raisin Cake.
It’s been my birthday cake for years and years and years.
No frills, no fluff.
It’s applesauce.
It’s raisins.
A blast of powder sugar on top
& weeeeee,
it’s sooooo good !

Dad and I are BIG fans of Applesauce Raisin Cake.
It’s an old family recipe
& have I mentioned how good it is …?
It’s good.

Unfortunately, it seems other family members don’t feel the same Applesauce Raisin glee.
Why ?!?
It’s completely beyond me, but it’s a sad, true fact.

According to some, Applesauce Raisin is a boring choice for a birthday cake
& I agree, it’s not all that fancy
But boring ?!?
Cmon !

To prove their point, each person rattled off a birthday cake preference.

Chocolate Chip Cake
Ice Cream Cake
Angel Food Chocolate Frosting with or without Sprinkles
Angel Food Pink Frosting with Sprinkles
Chocolate Cherry Cake
Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Cherry Cheesecake
German Chocolate Cake
Brownies with Frosting


So ok.
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I get it I get it I get it
My sweet, simple Applesauce Raisin Cake is a boring, snoring, ho-hum humdrum.
It’s a complete, all-out, birthday cake DUD.


Ooooooooh well, more for me and Dad.

! ! YUM ! !


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