Hey There, 28

Hey There, 28

I know it ranks high in my Top 10 faves ’cause I was born on a 28, so maybe my mind is permanently set to notice, but !! DANG !! I adore when numbers jump up and out and take a ! ! LOOK AT ME ! ! stance strong enough

All The Time


for me to pause with an ok
! OK!
♥ I’ll Google ♥
And hey, Numerology, whatcha got ??


all about balance

And When

the power of potential

Oh Yes I Can

building your dream life

Simple Things

connecting with others


trusting your one true heart

Puzzle Piece

welcoming abundance

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So

living in the moment

With You For You And You

& learning to let go of old cycles

Above The Rain

to make way for spectacular new starts.

Today’s Song

Hey there, 28
I get it.
I got it.
I love it.
I live it

& YaY

I’ll see you soon.


My Friend



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