Somewhere down the road, I dubbed her mama

Hi Mama
I  love you, Mama

When her sis entered this life, Little Mama, became the go-to, the which daughter I am referring to tag

Little Mama
& Boy

eventually, those sweet titles molded into a lovely mushy-mush of what my heart was experiencing at any particular moment in time, and both daughters became

♥ mama ♥

& today,
well today is Daughter 1’s birthday
and in May of 2023

Baby Boy

was born,
so yes, I am definitely feeling the feels
’cause witnessing the bond, the love, the beauty of this mother and child ??
having experienced those teeny, tiny, every day miracles ??
realizing what an incredible gift it is for her to hear her very own ma-ma for the very first time ??
knowing the priceless-ness of what lies ahead from the eyes of this 3 time parent / 3 time grandparent ??

♥ mama ♥

& oooooh, the February 7th memories are cascading in

♥ little mama ♥

Enjoy every minute, J
or more BIG HUG specifically,








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