All The Time

All The Time

I penned the following words almost four years ago, in a blog I titled I Wish I May …


You might remember a week or so ago I wrote about seeing smiley faces everywhere.
In the clouds, on the ground, in my big, bald tree …
Smiles were literally jumping out at me.
It was Awesome.
I took it as a sign that the universe was happy.

Happy Universe = Good


& now, I’m onto another curious coincidence.
It’s happening whenever I check a timekeeping device.
Doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing.
If I look to see what time of the day it is, the numbers are doubled up.

12:12 p.m.
3:33 a.m.
4:44 p.m.
11:11 a.m.

I giggle at clocks now because it’s happening so often.


& why am I mentioning this today ?
Because it’s still happening.
Every. Day.
In fact, it’s become weird if those digits aren’t doubled up.



are my most devoted devotees 
& I’ve recently changed my sincere make a wish mantra to an enthusiastic  YaY !! it happens ALL THE TIME
& yep, I have, in fact, googled ‘the meaning of seeing doubled up numbers’ and Numerology is actually quite fascinating !! but as with pretty much any info that enters this brain, it’s packed and tucked into that back corner and happily I mosey along.

But. It’s still happening.
Every. Single. Solitary. Day.
As if the universe is insistently tap, tap, tapping me on the shoulder and patiently wait, wait, waiting for me to !! HELLOOOOOOOO !! wake UP !!

& so, this morning, I re-googled How To Interpret Recurring Numbers …

“It’s a sign that you should have confidence that your hard work will pay off. Your angels are telling you that if you’re working on something right now, that it is divinely guided and your work will have an impact. It’s a sign to have faith and keep going. A sign that you should just pursue your passion and leave the rest to your spirit guides.”


“11:11 is one of the most common number sequences being seen all around the world. I believe that more that any other number, 11:11 is a powerful sign of spiritual awakening and ascension. This number is telling you to follow your inner wisdom, to elevate your consciousness, and trust in the universe to provide. With this number it’s almost as if the angels are blowing a trumpet calling you to action to begin the ascension process and follow your life purpose here on earth.”

hey, ummmm, Universe ??
Sorry it took a turtle’s pace to realize what you already know

& YaY

Thanks for those daily reminders.