He Chooses

He Chooses

Sometimes, it’s just the two of us.

We call each other nuts for being outside, but the colder the day, the more we bundle
& we giggle each time our paths cross.

I KNEW it was you under there ! he laughs, as he peeks beyond my hood and sunglasses
& he knows I will stop to talk because we always do, for weeks now, we do.
It’s funny though, all the times we have huddled in the brrrrr, we’ve yet to exchange names.
He’s just the friendly man with the big grin.
& some people are just so darn pleasant ! My pal in the park is one of those people,
always joyful, always thrilled to be.
He’s a few years older than me and it’s not all that easy to make it around the 2.2 miles.
But, he does.
Ever so slowly, he does
& every time I see his determined face I think, he chooses.

Nobody is forcing this man to come out to our park on the chilliest of days.
He chooses.
& nowhere is it written he has to trek the BIG trail, he could easily stay on the smaller path.
He chooses.
& nothing says he has to look my way or acknowledge my presence.
He chooses
to smile,
to talk,
to be nice to another human who happens to be walking too.

He chooses
& he brightens my days with the decisions he’s made.
I can only hope I do the same for him.

If given the choice
& we are all given a choice,
take this lesson from my sincere, jolly, optimistic friend …

Choose nice.
Choose smiles.
Choose going the extra mile.


Choose Happy.

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