Just Singin’

Just Singin’

A flash of lightning.
A rumble of thunder
& rain.
Lots of rain.


Oooooooo, I love me a good Summer storm.
The scents ! The sights! The sounds !
I could listen to that lovely rhythm allllll day long.

But wait.
What ??
Right smack dab in the middle of this continuous drumming I hear a teeny, tiny, oh so persistent voice.

chirp chirp chirp
chirp chirp chirp

How weird.
It sounds so out of place, given the circumstances.
It’s kinda seriously relentless out there, little fella.

tweet tweet tweet
tweet tweet tweet

Why Helloooooo to you too, Mr Happy !
How ! FUN !

That rain kept on raining.
That songster kept on serenading
& then …
I got it.

Life hands you some showers ?

Life turns it up a notch with a dose of the heavier stuff ?
Keep. Singing.

Life hands you a full blown storm ?
There’s a song for that too.

Thank you for the sweet lesson in determination, my pint-size, steadfast friend
& please keep singing your wonderful song
’cause I hear you.
I soooooooo hear you.

! ! ! la la la LAAAAAA ! ! !


Oh Yes I Can