Bring Thing

Bring Thing

psssst !! Word on the street says TODAY is !! National Chocolate Chip Day !!


& to honor such a delightful occasion, I offer one of my yummiest reruns.


Every family has a certain recipe destined to jump from generation to generation
& chocolate chip cookie bars = ours.

Now, I really don’t know if this is an urban legend or not, but Mom always said (and we always believed) she invented cookie bars.
The tale told was she tired of making cookies one day and decided to spread the dough on a cookie sheet instead.
Chocolate chip cookie bars were born.

& btw ….
there are certain things I will never, ever, EVER Google.
So if you happen to know the “supposed” origin of this tasty treat ?
shhhhh please
just shhhhh

Cookie bars are pretty much required at all family gatherings.
Walk in without and you might as well walk yourself right out
& since Mom was the master of such deliciousness, they were her Bring Thing for sure.

Somewhere down the road, they became my bring thing too
& yeah, I’ll go ahead and say it.
I make a pretty darn good batch of cookie bars.
Oh, yes I do.

Along the way, I switched things up and started making my cookie bars in pizza pans.
Like my mama, it was one of those deals where I figured I’d give it a try.
If it didn’t work out, oh well, those duds would be mine. weeeee.
But, it did
& truth be told, it was a brilliant move !! as I’ve been baking cookie bars in pizza pans ever since
uh huh
& I’m fairly certain I was the inventor of giant cookies.


My mama would often exasperate, she was FOREVER making cookie bars !!
& I do believe I now know the feeling.
But I also know ! FIRST DIBS ! have been placed on my cookie bar bowl and those infamous pizza pans.
So, YaY
FOREVER will definitely continue …



Simple Things

p.s. UPDATE:


yep. yep.

that’s a thing now too.

! woooo hoooooo !





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