His Hat. My Shirt.

His Hat. My Shirt.

To be honest, I cringe every time he wears it

& shame on me. It is Husband’s stamp of approval from his first go-round with a replaced heart valve and for someone who’s now conquered a second removal and replacement to his damaged ticker, I’d say he’s secured all rights to wear whatever he darn well pleases

but but but

from faraway or quick to look eyeballs it kinda, sorta appears to be a political statement and although I refuse to stray into such opinionated waters, there are those among us who do and unless one peers to see exactly what this hat of Husband’s reads, one doesn’t know, one infers.

I LOVE this t-shirt. It fits perfectly, I’ve earned it for a really good cause and truth be told, I look pretty darn good in black. Yep. Yep, I do. But, here’s the thing, every single time I don this fine piece of clothing, I too, am double-take looked at with a hey, oh, pause of sorts at a statement I may or may not be making. But statement making I actually am as each mile I tally with Charity Miles gives St Jude Children’s Research Hospital 25 cents !! and if you think those quarters don’t add up fast, think again !! $100 and counting for walking.


My point ?

At a glance. Rush to judgement. Labeled. First impressions. Preexisting notions. We’ve all participated in some form of waaaaay too hurried-up to know evaluation of one another. It’s human nature, it’s what we do. But if and when we move beyond that tunnel vision point in time, when we reach out to discover more, when we ask instead of assume, when we simply try a little bit harder …

He’ll be happy to tell you allllll about his hat. I will gladly ramble on about my t-shirt

& YaY.

Our friendship begins.