Happy Highlight

Happy Highlight

Waaaaaay back in my so much younger than today days, I left the comfort of my cozy hometown and moved to the great state of Texas. Somewhat lost and confused and searching for whatever my 20-something self was searching for, I was offered a place to stay at Auntie Rena’s and ohhhhh, how I love that woman. But talk about opposites ! My grandmother’s sister and I were different in every way imaginable. She was bold, brazen and wonderfully daring and I was … welp … not. And that very odd combination of us will infinitely top my ♥ Best Life Choices I’ve Ever Made ♥ list.

Auntie was a busy one, always coming and going so she’d be away from the house or sleeping odd hours because of her shift work job and until I found employment, I was often left to fend for myself. And that, I slow and steadily did, getting to know people, making friends, discovering places …

One forever embedded into my brain day, though, while my counterpart was off and about, I found myself with a whole lot of NO. THING. to do.

Watch a movie ? nah  Yap to Mom ? maybe later.  Go to the bar with so and so ? eh and there I found myself, milling around and wondering until …

I had seen it quietly resting on her corner table but never paid it much attention. It’s a Bible and every one I know had a Bible and errr, tell me, why should I care ?? But the tap, tap, tap of that teeny tiny, insistent something within me whispered, pick it up, take a peek

& so …

Delightfully colorful and etched upon is the best way to describe as that decorated Holy Book was something I had never, ever experienced before that very moment. It was tattered, used and obviously very much adored

& WoW

where I came from one wouldn’t even think about illuminating a Bible !!

!! Never !!

Long story short, I walked away from that day and eventually Texas with Auntie’s kaleidoscope embedded in my brain.


Somewhere down the line, I was gifted my own Bible and although it took me awhile to get into a groove of reading, I too became a fan of highlighters

! ♥ !

Like a Magic 8 Ball, I ask and the answers !! poof !! appear.

Scribbled upon it is and will continue to be

because I cannot imagine this journey without my treasured guide.

I learned a lot from my short sidetrack into Texas oooooh, so long ago and my Auntie Rena and I sure made a lop-sided tag-team but, what a blast it was and yep !! I will remember her beautifully quirky life tips forever. Especially …

Seek. Find. And highlight.

Happy, Happy Highlight !!

My Friend