For The Birds

For The Birds

I call them ‘things’ but, I guess I could also say events
or situations
or happenings.

so, um
THINGS always seem to happen to me in threes.
As if begging to be acknowledged, they gentle nudge until I become aware of their presence
& then ?
it’s a self induced knock upside my head.


HOW did I not SEE this before ?!???


! ! ! ! ??? ! ! !

Anyways, threes.
THINGS always happen to me in threes.

Except for birds.

I could offer a mile long list of bird stories.
In fact, looking back at my archive of blogs, I have written about birds quite often.

Hee Hee, my cheery little mystery that happily brightens my days.
The woodpecker that works ever so diligently on my big, bald tree.
The geese that taunt me on my walking trail.
The hawks that continue their summer courtship with their high pierced screech and daring dives.
The ducks.
The robins.
The cardinals and herons.

Seems birds are continually fluttering in and out of my life,
which is way cool !!
but, it wasn’t until the teeny, tiny, sparrow type cuties entered my space that I really, REALLY woke up.
Because this time, it happened in fours.

Four times, suddenly and out of nowhere, these wonderful critters appeared with a burst of energy and beauty and danced their glorious dance for, above and around me.
It’s true !
They hovered.
They included.
They enveloped me in their awesome waltz
& It. Was. Magical !

Four. Times.

I’ve never, ever experienced anything quite like it !!
so of course, I thought, SIGN
This just has to be a sign !!
& you better believe, I googled !

Soul searching.
New beginnings
are the repeated words that opened these eyeballs to those fabulous creatures.

Yes, little birdies, you now have my undivided attention with your most amazing head’s up.

I cannot wait to see what you and Nature deliver next.

! ! ! ! !

Note to Self:


I Am My Feelings