We Good

We Good

Like a little bitty cloud above my head, there it was, hanging around, doing it’s thing.
In the morning and into the afternoon.
Nothing was wrong but, nothing felt right.
All was good but, er …eh …
A heavy heart and a jolly heart trying to coexist.
It was one of THOSE days yesterday.
With absolutely no reasonable reason to be there, an uneasiness hovered, loomed.

BUT, WHY ???
I pondered and continually asked.
What’s up with the moodiness, Self  ??
I mean, seriously.
ALL is really, REALLY swell.
So please, explain

& then it hit me.
The background noise up until that moment of my day was a 24 hour news yappin station.
Now I get it.
Subliminal as it was, it was.
Whispering, poking, prodding it’s way into my thoughts.

Hello Negative.
Long time no see
& nope, I haven’t missed you at all.

& so, I turned the insistence off.
Stepped outside with Grandbaby Boy and … poof … gone.
JUST LIKE THAT the gloominess that had enveloped me evaporated.

Shiny sunshine, fluffy clouds.
Friendly neighbors.
Life was a-ok once again
& I thought, WOW.

It’s smothering is what it is
& if given the opportunity, it will suffocate the daylight right outta you.


Our world is what we make of it and how we look at it, my friends
& if we want to see dark and doom, we will always and forever see dark and doom.
But, if we stay in the light, take each day as it gets here and make the space around our very own selves pleasant ?
A domino effect of positivity is sure to follow
& if I am happy and you are happy and the lady in the office is happy and the guy at the store is happy and and and …

Hey Negative ?
No need to waste your time around here.
We good.


I Am My Feelings