It took me a very, VERY long time to follow my own advice.
But eventually, I did.
& when I did, I changed.
Big time, awesome, happy with myself changed

& what, pray tell, was this super duper advice I offered me ?

To listen to my heart.
Hear what it is telling me.
Follow where it leads.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I can hear you muttering over there.
Easier said than done.
I suppose it is.
But, it’s most definitely worth that chance.

For so many years, I could hear what I was being told.
Like a daily wake up call.
Continual. Constant.
But, I ignored it.
I shelved it.
Quite honestly, I was just too darn busy to care.
Just shush voice.

Then one day, I stopped.
I listened.
I heard.
I followed
& now ?
I’m so very pleased with me.

With ME.
It took a lot of 365’s to figure out such an Incredibly. Simple. Thing.

Maybe it’s your turn to quiet that swirly, twirly everyday noise around you …?…
Maybe it’s time to stop.
Just stop.

Hear that ?
It’s you.
Whispering, guiding, advising YOU.


I promise.
You’re going to love your own advice.


I Am My Feelings