The Choice

The Choice

I don’t know why I do this to myself.
I take it all so personally, like my world is thisclose to falling apart
& I’ll let it hang over my head for days, DAYS.
My funky little humph cloud and I.
Follow me cloud.
Let’s be mad.

It’s a game
& they are the Chicago Bears.
And for what seems like a zillion years now, I’ve let them control my Mondays.
They win means I’m happy
They lose = Stay. Away.

Call it an epiphany but, it’s just not going to work that way anymore.
I’m tired of losing even one day to the grumps.
Life is short, baby.
I prefer to enjoy.

So there I was yesterday.
Watching a football team that I love battle against a football team that I like.
Continually reminding my brain that yes indeed, itsonlyagameitsonlyagameitsonlyagame
& then it happened, again.
That in between area in which I am on the brink.
Dive into the abyss of negativism and hunker down for awhile
or not.

That’s a toughie.
The pull of the wallow was almost too much to bear.
Blanket over head.
Don’t speak to me.

or ….

It was cold outside but, I bundled.
I grabbed my music and made a run for it.

My walking trail was the emptiest I have ever seen it
& this is going to sound kinda crazy but the sunlight, the shadows, those trees.
Oh. My.
It was as if they were waiting for someone to wander by so they could put on a show.
Yep, it was absolutely stunning out there
& I am over the top delighted that I made that choice.
The choice to go, to not dissolve into the mud and the muck.
The choice to stay positive.

That simple walk changed my outlook, my attitude, my everything.


& today as I sit here waiting on the sun to do it’s awesome morning thing ?
You better believe I am filled with glee, hope and love.
Oh, Yes I Am.

It’s a brand new day, my peeps.
Get out there and live it, love it, treasure it !
& if given the choice between this or that, positive or negative, ugliness or beautiful …?

Take a walk.
Perspective awaits
& it’s very, VERY happy.


I Am My Feelings