Revel Time

Revel Time

IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

yippeeeeeeeee !!

& we all know how much I adore Eves !
I lovelovelovelovelove them so !!

I’ve come to the conclusion that my adoration of Eves is the force behind my unrelenting desire to be in New York City today, NOW.
To be a reveling reveler in Times Square as a new, dreams do come true, anything can happen, clean slate, brand NEW YEAR approaches ?!? …!…

Talk about jollity !!
Weeeeeee !!

But alas, my ultimate glee fest remains an unfulfilled dream yet again, this year.

Truth be told ?
I watch the festivities from my comfy, I’m never moving from this spot recliner.
woo. woo.
& every single year as I’m sitting there I declare, loud and clear for all to hear


Waaaaaaaaaaa !!

I then remove myself from my oh so cozy recliner,
call my family,
holler Happy New Year ! in every one of their ears
and shuffle off to bed or back to my always enticing recliner.

ahhhhh … pleasant ….

& in my New Year dreams I promise myself I WILL be a reveler in New York City one wonderfully sweet wonderful day.

Certain people, who shall remain nameless, think I am a bit coo coo.
Why I would want to stand in the freezing cold, crammed with other freezing cold coo coos, waiting for hours for a ball to drop at midnight is beyond insane according to them.
The people ! The lines ! The traffic ! The ! The ! The !!!!!

I refuse to let those negativities pop my revel bubble.

But, I gotta tell you, I can’t explain why I even want to be there.
The everyday me avoids crowds, is not a fan of cities, is not all that fond of staying up late and would rather not freeze in the freezing cold.

But a force takes over my brain on the Eve of the New Year that excitedly reminds me …
It’s an EVE
& it’s a NEW YEAR
& you’re missing it  !!
Again !!
& as my years keep moving along, I’m finding it harder and harder to contain my need to be amongst the happys ! !
I want to be with all those strangers squooooosed together in merriment.
I need to be a Times Square reveler one day.
It’s a Bucket List Must Must Musttttttttt.

Looks like that day won’t be this day though.
I have no plans to partake in tonight’s high spirit exuberance.

I guess I’ll just have to hunker down in my snug as a bug in a rug recliner again.
woo. woo.
& declare next year, or the year after, or the year after that as my Times Square Revel year.
Yep. Yep.

oh well.
A girl can dream
& I really, really, REALLY delight in this particular dream.
Weeeeee !!

Happy New Year’s my Friends !


I Am My Feelings