Spider on my Shoulder

Spider on my Shoulder

Those who read this blog probably know I am a big believer of signs.

Thought I’d share another one ….

I was in the shower one morning minding my own business.
I looked up to grab the shampoo and there he sat.
A spider.

fyi…they don’t bother me now but, there was a time when I would run for cover at the very mention of a spider sighting.

So there he was and there I was….

I decided I’d leave him alone as long as he stayed still and didn’t bother me.
The only prayer I prayed was that he didn’t dangle down on his little spider string and get me.

And so ..I showered and watched.

Somewhere in the process of shampooing I lost track of him.
I was happy he left my space.

I finished my shower.
I stepped out.
He made his move.

That darn spider dangled down and plopped himself right on my shoulder.
I know !!
YIKES ! ! !

I didn’t give the poor guy a chance.
I swatted him away.
He landed on the ground and scurried off…..muttering the same words I was muttering I’m sure.

After my heartbeat returned to normal I thought about it.

The chances of that spider dangling down to sit on my shoulder at that moment in time = improbable.
It was pretty scary stuff.

Improbable chances.

Scary stuff.

I survived.

That was a sign.