Find your Happy Place

Find your Happy Place

I love to walk.
My favorite place to walk is a local park.
Wicker Park.
It’s a beautiful place with lots of trees.
2.2 miles around with my music in my ears.
It is truly my Happy Place.

Many times I have started my Wicker walks with a load of problems sitting on my head….carrying whatever I’m carrying along with me.
I start walking and… like magic… the load is lifted…the problems gone.

Find your Happy Place.
Whatever it is. Wherever it is.

It doesn’t have to be somewhere far away that you visit once/twice a year.
It’s near and around you and if you look …you will find it.

Wicker Park has been in my town for as long as I can remember but it took me years to ‘find’ it.
I sure don’t know what took me so long but Wicker is a part of me now.

I’m hoping you find your Happy Place.