! ! LOUDER ! !

! ! LOUDER ! !

I reached deep into the archives to search just how long

He Smiles

I have been a counterclockwise walker.

Two Eyes & A Smile

And yep, I suppose it’s been a while.
Truth be told ??  The last few times I’ve entered the park, I’ve thought about switching things up.
I have.
Try clockwise, my voice within nudges, but I shooooo her insistence away with, clockwise is crowded, counter is not and in my cozy groove, I stay.



Caught me completely off-guard, it did, but the universe has ways of making her point and I’m way ok with subtle nuance
& so, off I stepped into this foreign land of clock.

I’ve dubbed it, the hill, the upper-half, the place where not too many humans wander
and see that trail off to my right ?
that’s almost always busy and that’s where he walked, about 10 paces behind. I could clearly hear him over my tunes for he was exuberant in his glee.


over and over he welcomed the turnaround ’cause you can’t go beyond this point, peeps.
And although I chose not to glance around to see exactly who this delightful soul be, I smiled, BIG TIME and picked up my greeting pace, as I contemplated just how swell life would be if we all followed his joyful cue.
I mean, I do my share in the nicey department, but in a quiet sort of way.

I’ll Start With Me

This guy though ??
!! weeeeeee !!
Envious, I kinda, sorta, really was and as I reached the point where counterclockwise and clockwise aligned into my go-to vibe

I thanked the universe for placing me on an opposite path, for this burst of boisterous abundance
!! !! !! !! !!
and I promised,  !! LOUDER !! I can, I will, I MUST.

!! 🙂 !!