I’ll Start With Me …

I’ll Start With Me …

Yep, World Kindness, feels like the perfect day for a repeat.


I can always tell when I’ve watched too much tv, especially national, BREAKING NEWS !! tv.
My brain begins a slow, negative spin.
I start believing what I am hearing.
I look at things differently, I close the blinds, I hide
& I think, ummmm, maybe they ARE right.
Maybe this world really IS an awful, crummy, darn right horrible place.

& I do mean YIKES.

Then I snap out of it.
For real, for sure
& bring myself back to simple, to happy. Because by golly, I AM happy.

I really, truly don’t want to be mad at you, at him, at her, at them
& I don’t have it in me to be ugly.
I just don’t.
So if that makes me naive or gullible or just flat out weird then bring on the labels and define me what you will because I absolutely refuse to answer hate with hate.
I can’t do it.
I won’t do it.

What I CAN do, is start a little something with ME
& what this ME promises YOU is kindness, a smile, a genuine Hello.

I’d like to be your friend
& I would love to get to know you.
How alike are we ?
& those differences … ?
How’s about we treasure them ?
Or maybe, at the very least, we can agree to disagree and work on it from there.
Please ?

All I know is that I want to stay on a love thy neighbor as thyself route.
I have this feeling a very large percentage of human beings just want to go about their business and have a good day, every day
& I’ll take a gamble that most people will respond to KIND with KIND.
& yes.
It really can be THAT easy.
The domino effect will be beautiful and wonderful and staggering.

I’ll start with ME.
You start with You.


Call me silly, if you’d like.
It sure beats angry.



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