He Smiles

He Smiles

Remember Wicker Walk Man ?
He’s the guy I see every single day as I walk my lovely walk.

Doesn’t matter what time of the day.
He is always there.
Which is fine.
I love my Wicker Walk and he obviously does too.

I walk counterclockwise.
Wicker Walk Man walks clockwise.
Which is fine too.
I’m all for seeing a familiar face each day.

Wicker Walk Man and I have been taking our walks for many, many days now.
You would think we would have formed some sort of friendly banter as we pass each other multiple times.
We have not.

What we have is what we have always had.
He looks. I smile. He looks away.
He looks. I smile. He looks away.
It’s a monotonous pattern we have formed.
I’m not crazy about it, but it is what it is.

My ‘problem’ with Wicker Walk Man is, why doesn’t he smile….?
He looks and grumpily looks away.
Every single day.

Why do you look my way Wicker Walk Man ?
You looking at me makes me offer a smile.
I am lured in by your trap and I’m tired of it mister.
You look. I smile. You look away.

For the record there are days I don’t look.
My peripheral vision can see him looking over, but I hold firm.

You may be wondering if there is a point to today’s rambles.
Yes there is.

I saw Wicker Walk Man yesterday.
surprise !
But…get this.. he was talking, laughing and having quite the conversation with some man as I walked by.
Wicker Walk Man is a friendly human being.
I hardly recognized him.

Why am I writing about this and why is this even bothering my brain today…?
I think it boils down to a simple, little rule of smiling, at least my rule of smiling.
And here it is…
If you are going to take the time to look at someone every single day … please, offer a smile.
Especially if they smile at you….!|
Otherwise that other person …aka me…will constantly wonder….why why why….
Why don’t you smile back Wicker Walk Man ?