Dear 2022

Dear 2022

As we step out of the old and into the new, I’m hoping you’ve prepared yourself
because ready or not, here they come !
The reviews, I mean.
Those end of year summaries and calculations of just how well you’ve performed.
We the people are on the edge of our seats, curious as to what you have given and what you have taken

& yes, YES, I know we greeted you with revelry and gleeeeeee way back on the first day of January.
We welcomed you with open arms and merriment.
We promised ! and were absolutely convinced, YOU would be a great !!
& you were !
In a million, zillion little ways, you soooooo were.
But unfortunately, 2022, a lot of us tend to emphasize negative
& what we see is what we’ll get.
That dismal cloud will continue to hunker for those who allow it to stay.

But don’t fret, 2022
& do not listen to those who CANNOT WAIT for you to be over !!
Nellies like their song
& they will sing it all the time, every time.
So, please, don’t take it personally.

What you and the years before you offer, are lessons.
Easy or hard or wonderful or horrendous, every single everything you gift is a chance to learn, to grow
& how we handle each assignment is completely up to us, not you.

So on behalf of the many, MANY positive thinkers in this great, big, wonderful world,

You’ve done your part.
You’ve taught us well

&  yay, 2022.

! ! YaY ! !


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So