Dream Hugs

Dream Hugs

& speaking of awesome dreams (Thanks, Dream Phil) I repeat this one every six months or so for those who need it most.


Have you ever received a dream hug from someone you love who has died ?
Of course you have.

I’ll rephrase.

Do you remember receiving that dream hug from someone you love who has died ?

That’s the thing.
I’m 100% positive we all receive dream visits and those wonderful dream hugs.
It’s just, some people can remember them
& some can’t.

I received my most memorable dream hug from my mama.
The first few months, maybe even a year after she died, she was a pretty regular visitor.
We’d have some good talks in those every night visits but after waking, I could never remember a word she said.
In fact, I would joke to my siblings that if Mom was trying to send an important message, she gave it to the wrong messenger.

In those early days without Mom and after each one of those dreams, I would feel a sense of urgency.
An “Oh ! Mom told me …”
“Oh Yeah ! Ma said to tell Dad …”
But, that’s where the message would end.
I could never recall what she expressed
& I always felt like I was missing something.
Something important.

remember remember remember
What was I suppose to remember ?

Then one night, I had my dream hug dream.
I could see my mother clear as day.
We were at some sort of event.
She was dressed up all happy and bright
& we talked and talked but, of course, I don’t remember what she said.
But, as she went to leave, Mom reached over and gave me a hug that I could actually FEEL.
It was so warm.
So loving
& I asked, ‘why are you hanging on so tight Mom ? It’s not like we won’t see each other again’

That best hug ever lasted a few comforting seconds longer
then I woke up,
and whispered …
‘Dang …. I just got a hug from Mom’.

Since that awesome dream, Mom’s visits aren’t as often.
She pops in occasionally to see what’s up but, the dreams I have now feel calm, peaceful, serene.

I think that dream hug dream was my mama’s ‘until we meet again’
Mom knew she was moving on and she wouldn’t be visiting as often.
But, I can’t tell you how much that hug means to me.
It stopped the urgency.
It stopped that need to remember.
Remember WHAT ?

When I ask people if they have ever had a dream hug some say yes, and describe it in great detail.
And to those who sadly reply ‘no’ I say, “oh yes you have …!…”
Oh. Yes. You. Have.
You just don’t remember it.

Love does not disappear when someone dies.
It continues.
It sooooo continues.
& the ones who have left this world do not pick and choose who gets a dream, who gets a hug.
If they loved you before, they most definitely love you still
& they DO visit.
Quite often.
It’s just, some people remember.
Some don’t.
It’s as simple as that.

As you go to sleep tonight be comforted in the fact that you are being dream visited, you are being hugged
& you are and always will be very, VERY loved.

I think I finally delivered my little lady’s message.

I Love You Too