Happily Humbled

Happily Humbled

She’s Mighty Mighty

Yep, you bet I’ve penned a few thoughts. And, per usual, right on schedule and exactly as I always do when my orbit begins it’s venture into weird, I Google full moon, and ta-da !! I find my culprit. But this time, ooooooh weeeeee, THIS time, weird is an understatement.

Little things, they are, tiny glitches here, rescheduling of appointments there, with a few giggles of HUH ?!!? and WHAT ?!!?  added in for good measure.  And wouldntchaknowit, just when I paused for the zillionth time to wonder, SERIOUSLY !! WHAT’S GOING ON ?!?? my eyeballs stumbled upon the words Mercury in Retrograde

so, off I trotted to learn more …

In the astrological world, something goes “retrograde”when it looks like it’s moving backward in the sky. So, when Mercury is retrograde, it looks like it’s moving from east to west, instead of it’s usual west to east.

All planets go to retrograde at some point, but Mercury’s retrogrades tend to get the most airplay.

& YaY !!

now that I know your story, Mercury In Retrograde !!  I will enjoy your trickster ways, as the universe reminds me, once again, I am a but a teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy speck of a mote, gifted with this incredible opportunity to be !! and happily humbled, I’ll go, January 14 – February 3.




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