Journaling The Jar

Journaling The Jar

Monday – We’re off to a great start, limiting conversations about certain someones and staying away from social media / tv news helps A LOT. His exercise center and my trail walk are always a plus.

Monday Night – The Bears at Steelers and I owe the jar. BIG. I gave up on that football team waaaaaaay too early and took a nosedive into I CAN’T WATCH !! Went to bed, bummed. Boo. He, on the other hand, experienced  the whole game. Chicago lost, but it seems they didn’t give up. And errr, our Positive Vibes Only Jar receives a generous $$$ from negative nellie me.

Tuesday – Another day, another here we goooooo … and new rule ?? Does venting count ?? Because when I get a hairdo, which I did this morning, it’s a therapy session of wonderful as my hair guy and I let the words flow … and ahhh. With so many laughs in between, I say, it’s allllllll good and kudos to venting !!

When I came home, got busy with leaf mulching while Husband did miscellaneous chores and when the day was done ?? We did good. Avoiding trigger points and limiting breaking news works wonders. I’m giving the Positivity Jar a couple just because bucks, cause I’m sure I slipped up and because I can.

Wednesday – Seems the easiest way to avoid the ugh of negativity is to !! poof !! change the subject, right ?? And that’s exactly what this day brought. But old habits are sometimes very hard to break and by day’s end we thought about using

ERHHHHHHHHH !! change subject  ERHHHHHHHH !! think again ERHHHHHHHH !! reword that sentence

This week is a roller coaster ride in hold on now, do I really want to put this energy into the universe ?? interesting, it has been and yep, we both owe the jar a few.

🙂 🙂

Thursday – With Sis in town, the vibes were high as we celebrated her birth. And it sure makes me realize how awesome life would be if we treated each and every single day like the gift it sooooooo is !!


Friday – This experiment is definitely evolving. You see, we started the week with a tally sheet. A check here, a mark there, an end of the day, let’s see now … I think I’ll give the jar ….

but a better route has been discovered …

This way, as Husband or I are yappin’ the yap that has somehow strayed right smack dab into pessimism ??  we pause, step ourself over to the Tripoley chips and plop what we deem appropriate into the PVO jar. Hopefully, with the stopping of the words comes an … ok … hmmm, maybe I don’t need to go there …

Saturday – had it’s moments. A whirl of yahoooooo !! and yippeeeeee to ya know what ?? maybe just shhhh, SHHHHH. And without going into the finer details, sometimes it’s best to take that body away from what’s causing the cranky. Step outside, read a book, whatever. I promise, fresh air will always bring fresh vibes and ta-da things aren’t so dismal after all.

And here we are, Sunday. For those who pay attention to my rambles, I know I vowed 7 days.

Positively Eye Opening

Seeing 28

but I’ll go ahead and call it at 6 with a hefty WHEW. And yep, the jar will stay as Husband and I figure once a month, we’ll cash those Tripoley chips in with a donation to the American Heart Association.  And every month we will start this process again.

A change of mindset, our Positive Vibes Only Jar has taught and positive vibes only we hope to share. But this WILL take practice. And patience. And an occasional mulligan day, I’m sure. But there’s no doubt, even at a turtle’s pace, we can achieve. And hey, this experimental venture of ours might not change the course of history … but on the brighter side, Positivity Vibes Only Jar … It so, soooooo might !!



‘Cause Jesus Told Me So



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