I Do Too

I Do Too

Book in hand, I planned to quietly hunker in the waiting room, figuring !! 45 minutes !! I’ll have forty-five wonderful minutes to dive into this fabulous read. Mask up, I’ll lift my eyeballs only to greet the occasional newbie walking in … and ahhhh.

He, on the other hand, was a talker and conversation was a !! no doubt about it !! must. He held the room as I sat down and it didn’t take long to lure me in with his smile, his laugh and delightful small-talk it was, until he proclaimed, I stay away from tv news and social media these days ! It’s much too negative .. ! And !! wham !! as if the walls surrounding us suddenly woke up with a WAIT !! WHAT ??!?? came a glorious chorus of !! I do toooooo !!

I. Do. Too.

& WoW. Here I walk on my teensy portion of this gorgeous planet selfishly wondering, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY ??? when there could be hundreds, possibly thousands upon thousands !! of minding their biz, living their lives, genuine souls out there, reflecting the exact same thought !! And I really, truly have to stop lumping everyone together in the world’s gone crazy !! clump. I really do, cause one by one by one, one, one !! my guess is we’re alllllll pretty darn ok and wholeheartedly happy with this journey call Life.

Pleasant chatter guy eventually had to leave to do what he came there to do, but he left with a wave, a HAVE A GREAT DAY and a comforting sense of yes, YES !! And as I found my way back to the pages of my book

& yep, Universe. I appreciate your reminder.




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