Seeing 28

Seeing 28

I know it ranks high in my Top 3 faves ’cause I was born on a 28, so maybe my mind is permanently set to notice, but !! DANG !! I adore when numbers jump up and out and take a LOOK AT ME stance strong enough

All The Time


for me to pause with an ok ! OK! ♥ I’ll Google ♥ And hey, Numerology, whatcha got ??

Positive affirmations ?? Well now, ain’t that a coincidence as TODAY  begins an experiment in !! optimistic vibes only !! for Husband and I

Positivity Eye Opening

& truth be told ?? we had a practice / mulligan day yesterday, to kinda, ya know, get the negative out of our system and WoW !! I don’t know about that man I live with, but I am sooooooo ready !!

& what’s that you say, Numerology ??



!!! AND !!!!

I have a feeling THIS is going to be an amazing week, 28,

so, YaY

Let’s multiply.


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So

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