^ Others ^

^ Others ^

If you’re a follower of these rambles, you know alllllll about the reasons I left Facebook. I just couldn’t stay there any longer, the negativity in that place was messing up my brain and that LIKE button ?? I’m 60+ years old and you’d think it wouldn’t matter !! but it did, it does.

& yep, Social Media, we’ve had our moments, because I KNOW you’re the road I have to travel to get my words into the universe, but … but …


So nowadays, I drop this blog in Instagram, where the way toooooo many ads drive me crazy, but positive vibes happily exist. And Twitter. Oooooh, Twitter, with it’s ! plop ! into the vortex you gooooooo !!  And I sometimes wonder why ???? but I like it there, ’cause fast opinions, clever thoughts and !! inspiration !! far outweigh pessimism. So every morning and most evenings, I find myself thumbing through the Land of Tweets, in search of …



& yep, my brain = aligned.


And today ??  THIS.

♥ And there are others ♥

Others, and their impeccably timed pick me ups, always, ALWAYS finding my ego when I desperately need a boost. Others, and their belief in my words. Others, who may or may not realize, I thank the sun, the moon, the stars and the heavens above EVERY DAY for this incredibly awesome opportunity !! and for YOU, my others.

Yep, Social Media, I realize we’ve had plenty of will I / won’t I / I can / I can’t / gaaaaaa !!  moments, but appreciative of your platform, I am.



& into your vortex, with and because of ^ others ^ ♥ ^

I will.


With You For You And You











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