! Trees !

! Trees !

They arrived within minutes of each other, sent by two kind souls, 1,000 miles apart, who wished to share their perspectives on a mid-October day.

& WoW, I thought. WoW

The cloudy, the bright, the color, the dull, the same, the difference. Yep. The subtle, yet complete contrast between these two images absolutely amazes my brain. Beauties, they are, in their own distinct way.

And aren’t we all, my friends ??

Aren’t we all.

& who’s to say which is better ?  or which one deserves high praise or that not so flattering critique ?  ’cause we’ve all, at one point or another, been the brilliant, the light, been the cloudy and gray. Where we’ve found ourselves at a perfectly breathtaking peak or clinging to those last apples for dear life

& dontcha just ADORE the lessons Nature tosses us every, single, wonderful day ??

So, YaY ! and BIG CHEERS to another 24.

Enjoy your here. Enjoy your now.

Enjoy your trees.

! 🙂 ! !

And When