and counting …

and counting …

One year ago, I made the somewhat excruciating decision to leave Facebook


It was a pretty big life changer at that particular moment in time because … well … because it’s FACEBOOK. Why would anyone with a lick of sense and networking savvy dare exit the social media giant ??!??

just shhhh

And !! right there !!  sits the trouble with living in a vortex.

Outside Looking In

One really can’t see the whole picture, until that enlightened step-away. And for me ?? departing ranks as one of the very best decision I’ve ever made.

Why ??

Because the seconds + minutes + hours + days + weeks + months + years I spent glancing and liking and wondering and checking and hoping and commenting and … and allowing the energy of the crowd to consume my brain cells is, quite frankly, embarrassing to admit. Facebook owned me in an odd sort of way. The day I realized this incredibly simple fact is the day I reclaimed my inner ahhhhhh.

I write my sentences in a pleasantly quiet corner of the world now. I placed them ever so effortlessly on Instagram (@jackigram) and Twitter (@myfloatingwords) for those who wish to follow. Some may read, some may not and yet, I’ve never felt so doggone free.

It’s been 365 days and counting, my oh so friendly, albeit mind altering nemesis, Facebook

& yay.


! 🙂 !

Above The Rain