I’m hoping these repeated words help someone, somewhere today.

Why you have to go home, Gramma ? he asked with those innocent, saucer eyes
& my heart seriously melted.


Well… I stammered, as I rattled off a few reasons
& desperately tried to contain my sniffles.


oooooooh, Goodbyes.
I’ve never been very good with byes.

Like those back in the day trips from my own gramma’s house, nose pressed to the window of our station wagon, waving and weeping
or that thousand mile, honeymoon trek into reality after a stopover visit at Sister’s
or the annual sob fest while leaving my Rocky Mountain peeps.

No Goodbyes, I am NOT a fan
& if I think about it too much, I’ll be pausing these words for a Kleenex break.


But as with other things in life, it seems the older I get, the more it makes sense
& yes Goodbye, you always do bring Hello.
I leave one place, I venture to another
& yep, there are ALWAYS people happily waiting with their gleeful welcomes.

Welcome Home.
Welcome Back.

Sure makes a mind ponder doesn’t it ?

It’s as if we are given a beautiful sneak peek into our future.
A sign.
A see you again promise from the Universe.
Goodbye is wonderfully, continually, forever connected to Hello.

Why you have to go home, Gramma ?
because I do, I just do.
But as I find my way back to that place I call home, I take with me a lesson from those sweet, inquiring, saucer eyes.
A lesson and a life guarantee that no matter where I travel, where I be
Goodbye  will eventually,
lead to Hello.


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