& D A N G, when you put it that way !! I guess it really has been a while !! I mean, I enjoy these early morning writing hours as he sleeps and he daily exercises at our local community center as I walk, so it’s not like we’re glued at the hip, but it’s true, 708 days, side by side Husband and I have trekked since our 2019 lesson in trust

and yes !! a girls’ night was long. L O N G overdue.

Up on the roof was the plan. Snacks and drinks and yappin, with Chicago’s sunshine brightening our way

A walk to Mariano’s because I am absolutely obsessed with the brilliance of placing a piano bar in a grocery store

& !! weeeeeee !! back to the roof for a few more yaps and eats … and ahhhhh.

Pure. Pleasant.

Evening brought us Retro on Roscoe, a street festival sisters, daughter and I last visited in 2017. And ain’t she pretty ?!?

Adult beverages !! and music !! and food !! and games !! and people !! and !! uhhhh, wait. what ?!??!! PEOPLE ??!!? Actual human beings gathered together in a big lump ?? laughing and dancing and partaking in the gleeeeeee of a perfect summer night ??!??

Yep. We did. And surreal it most definitely was. And me being a self-proclaimed introvert and really diggin’ this socially distant gig, uh-huh !! weird !! But it was also a blast and an aha moment this fully vaccinated someone happily uncovered.


I really can inch my way back into society in my extremely s l o w and steady ways by simply being mindful and careful and educated and yay

! YaY !

I guarantee you won’t find me at anymore squishy events anytime soon, but THANK YOU sisters and daughter

After 708 days, I do believe I’m finding my way back.

(& you best believe Husband very much treasured his day without me too.)

! 🙂 !




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