Tomorrow’s Coffee

Tomorrow’s Coffee

Back when the fluffy clouds and sunshine state of Florida was the place two out of our three adult children and their peeps chose to live, Husband and I would travel by car, come home, travel by plane, come home, we even traveled by bus once and yep, home. Visits and side roads were definitely our thing and !! fun !! it most certainly was !!

All the while and in between trips, Daughter J & her husband J were our homegrown, we prefer the Midwest twins and before Covid-19 became such a force, they and we would enjoy quite a lot of happenings together. Concerts, Chicago Bears games,

birthdays and parties and just because-s … we’d be there or they’d be here and the consistent, easy, tag-team-ness of seeing them pretty much all the time was quite awesome 

& yep, Corona Virus, everything changed when you appeared. And although, we’re kinda, sorta finding our groove again with Dad’s Spaghetti Dinner, Memorial Day, 4th of July festivities, it wasn’t until yesterday, grabbing a few groceries where my vibe felt a pleasant wonderfulness of familiar,

’cause coffee, black is how Husband and I drink ours.

We still keep it pretty tight around here. We wear masks in stores, we avoid big crowds and huge gatherings. We prefer family and simple things and hanging out with the fully-s because it’s how we roll and what feels right at this point in time


we bought Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamer yesterday

Tomorrow’s coffee is going to taste soooooo delightfully normal.