Specific Strength

Specific Strength

Waaaaay back, when I was young and somewhat confused as to which road I was meant to travel, I moved to Texas to live with my mom’s aunt. Her name was Rena and she was a !! firecracker !! outgoing and loud and adventurous, she really opened my eyes to interesting and new and I truly enjoyed the time we spent together.

Auntie was big on horoscopes and stars and birth signs and at the time, I didn’t pay her much attention. Even when she grabbed my palm to study, read and insist I jot her predictions down to save for future reference, I chalked her up to quirky. And every time, EVERY. TIME. I’d do or say or act a certain way, she’s chalk me up to Taurus. with an ever present !! ugh !! firmly attached.

& oooooh Life !! As with everything, the older I get, the more things make sense, for now, it is I who stares at the stars and pays attention to zodiac signs, horoscopes and such.

Today is Youngest Daughter’s birthday. She was born a Leo

& yep !! spot on !! is most definitely an understatement.

Thanks for the life lesson, Great-Auntie !! You’ll be happy to know I’m still very much a Taurus and Child #3 is every bit a Leo, with no UGH necessary, because specific strength says it all.

Happy ! Happy ! C !!

I so ♥ you so.


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