All’s Good

All’s Good

THE GOOD NEWS is, I wrote these words the old-fashion, pen to paper way, bright and early this Tuesday morning.


The not so good news ? Our internet connection has been incredibly iffy for weeks now and this on again / off again relationship with Xfinity is becoming increasingly frustrating.

The GOOD NEWS ?!??  A phone chat between Husband and a very patient Xfinity employee who paid attention and actually heard what was being expressed, led to a kind fella coming to our house to once and for all, fix our problem.


More GOOD NEWS !! I attended a graduation celebration Saturday afternoon, had a fabulous time ! and, as I was leaving, happened upon a new to this world critter who had fallen out of a nest. As I turned to alert someone, anyone as to what to do next, THE MOST PERFECT no hesitation, take charge, tender soul was right there to gently placed that baby bird back with mama.


The not so good news ? Somewhere down this line I caught me a bugger of a stomachache and belly issues ruled my Sunday and Monday. I missed Grandson’s baseball tourney and had to postponed a few other plans.


But the GOOD NEWS ?!??  Grandson received a player of the game bracelet from the opposing team, there will be plenty of baseball in my future and instead of running for the hills from sluggish me, Daughter and her husband  filled our extra moments together with interesting conversation and laughter.


The not so good news ? I lost two solid days, felt lousy and had my pity factor reached new levels of waaaaa.

But the GOOD NEWS ?!!? As I slept through a majority of the last 48 hours I had some awesomely funky, float-y  dreams, filled with beautifully bright colors and visitors AND I realized the importance of staying hydrated even as my insides were screaming noooooo !!  and although I’ve been treading in a slow and steady vibe today, I’m feeling much better and a brand new day is here !!

Yep. Yep.

I’ve been reminded (yet again !) there is always, ALWAYS GOOD mixed among and amid and within and out and everywhere !! and if I seek, I will absolutely find !! so, never you mind, not so !!

All’s good.

I’m back.

And D A N G !! I ADORE pen to paper.






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