Continental Return

Continental Return

Welcome back to Continental Muffins
written in 2016 and replayed on this brand new a.m. because after a solid 638 days …

yesterday brought it’s grand return.

Enjoy ! !


I’ve often wondered why continental breakfasts are called continental breakfasts.
I always figured it had something to do with people on every continent loving breakfast
& so,
I googled
& now, I know.


The reason I mention this morning delight is because someone I know and happen to be traveling with is a big fan of continental breakfasts.
Big. Big. Fan.
Some would say borderline obsessed.
Not that I have a problem with continental breakfasts, I surely don’t.
I love me a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin before I hit the road.
But if a hotel happens to not offer this freebie, I’m ok.
Life will go on.
I’ll just get my coffee elsewhere, thank you very much.

Husband doesn’t quite see things this way.
He firmly believes if we are paying good money to stay overnight then, by golly, breakfast better be part of that deal
& 99.9% of the time breakfast IS part of that deal.


As I was enjoying yet another continental breakfast yesterday morning, I began to ponder continental breakfasts
& maybe I do have a problem with them after all.

My problem ?
The eyeballs of my fellow travelers who are also enjoying continental breakfasts.
I always feel so watched.
As I walk in as the newbie to the continental breakfast line,
as I search for and choose my muffin,
as I turn to find a seat in this perpetually popular, crowded room,
and especially as I go up for another blueberry muffin because the first was so good.
& dare I say, judged.

I know it’s just me and my imagination.
I know nobody there really gives a hoot how many muffins I grab.
I’m just feeling this incredible need to release some pent up emotions today.
I have to set them free.

So, NO,
I am NOT a fan of continental breakfasts.

& there.
I said it.
I finally said it.

But, I’ll survive.
I’ll do what I have to do.
I’ll carry on
& as long as I continue to travel with this extremely devoted continental breakfast devotee,
I must.

Lucky for me, he doesn’t mind grabbing that extra blueberry muffin.