See It ?

See It ?



I am mesmerized by it’s artistry, it’s determination, it’s ability and I focus on this simply fantastic squirrel nest every single time I wander outside. There it is, there it be, there it hunkers waiting to take on any ol’ anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Bring. It.

I. Am. Ready.

I took this picture yesterday as I sat in my cozy, calm backyard surroundings and ahhhh, peace. But last week ?? maybe Monday or Tuesday ?? windy it was in these parts, with some pretty consistent gusts and all that good stuff.

I know because I walked my critter scraps waaaaay back to where I place my critter scraps and !! whoosh !! I about got pushed over by that invisible force

& dang


So. Here’s to working, to doing, to taking on what we’ve been given with such remarkable fortitude. They are squirrels, my people, squirrels !! and yet, they’ve mastered their construction site like champions.




& now so openly exposed throughout Spring’s enthusiastic exuberance.

!! Kudos !! to the Oh Yes I Can !! Oh Yes I Will !! Oh Yes I MUST !! spirit of it all !! ♥ Nature ♥  Once again, you amaze, you remind

and wow.

Humbled, I continue.


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