A Spark Continues

A Spark Continues

I happened across these sentences a few days ago

& mush, my heart instantly became because

I wanted to write books like yours.

said one happy author of another. And wow, whispered little ol’ me.


And I wonder, how many times these two amazing humans wanted to call it quits, to stop, to just give up on this path they were placed upon ??  What star did they confide ? Who’s guidance did they treasure ?? Who’s trust did they seek ?? Was it a someone in their lives or a something inside that encouraged, believed and nudged, nudged, nudged them along ??

’cause I have to tell you, my peeps, this writer’s gig ??


But it’s that spark, the precious, priceless spark !! which inspires me each and every today to keep on keeping on. It’s in the words I read

the voice I hear

the pull I feel

the encouragement which ♥ surrounds ♥

& YOU.

You’re the inspiration, the fuel, the kindling, the validation and I thank you for providing me this opportunity to give back what I’ve so humbly received

from Beverly Cleary

from Judy Blume

and from the many writers and poets and artists and bloggers and lyricists and novelists and lover of words, who simply dance to what their heart is singing. They believe enough to share, now I believe enough to share

& YaY

a spark continues.













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