My Boycott

My Boycott

I believe I’ve mentioned it a time or three, but with the chronic noise surrounding this world, I feel the need to revisit …

I boycotted Major League Baseball from 1994 until 2013.
That’s nineteen years, folks
& speaking as someone who was swallowed up in the mud and the muck ?
That’s a very long time to hold onto rage

& please be assured, I am not taking “sides” or in any way trying to compare.
The reasoning behind my choice was mine and yours is entirely yours
& that’s what’s so wonderful about our beautiful America.
We are allowed to express our opinions and voice our perspectives.
But, coming from the angle of been there, done that ?
I promise you, clutching, latching, becoming the ugliness of it all is just not worth it.

So, here’s a thought.
If we insist on boycotting as we have every right to do, how’s about we protest hate
& hostility
& resentment
& negativity
& divisiveness
& mistrust.

& maybe we could switch our combined and oh so powerful !! energy to promote.

Promote Love
& Trust
& Faith
& Hope
& Tolerance
& Compassion.

It might take awhile to readjust our thought process, but hey, why not give it a try ?
For a day
A week.
A month, a year.
Slowly and surely.
Quietly and confidently.
Until united we stand.

When I look back at my stubborn, useless, wasted nineteen year boycott I could seriously break down and cry.
I was consumed and immovable
& when I finally, FINALLY let go of that awful grip ?

I cannot begin to describe the joy that follows.

! 🙂 !



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