and Yesterday’s Gone

and Yesterday’s Gone

Yep. We did. Open and unapologetic. Boom. We soooooo went there. And because we felt we could, we belonged, we deserved we christened it Our Day To Wallow.  And as we basked in our self pity, we acknowledged there are a zillion other people in worse case scenarios, but we didn’t care. Nope. Truth be told ? it was allllll about US.



Laying around like slugs is how we spent our Sunday, don’t feel like it, don’t want to, eh, who cares ??  cause we worked hard to get from where we were (June 24th) to where we are. (Step By Step)  Real, REAL hard. Slow and steady, follow the rules, oh yes we can … but every determined step we sooooo diligently advanced in our quest to getting him better didn’t matter. Husband’s six days in the hospital last week erased it all and here we sat, right smack dab at Square One.

boo. just boooooo we bellowed as tired and whyyyyyy ?? and totally confused, we crashed.

But, THAT was yesterday… and if you’re a frequent visitor of these words, you KNOW what comes next and !! uh huh !! you best believe, I’m going there too …

for every dark day there are a zillion lovely ones right behind it so, don’t stop
& when you think you might just be at the end of your rope ?
Think again.
When you’re convinced no one gives a rip about you, remember there is a someone who surely does.
When you’re certain you don’t have a clue what to do or where to go next ?
You do
& when you are positive you have hit rock bottom.
Maybe you have.
Maybe you haven’t.
Either way, GET UP.
Shake it off and get back to it.
Begin again.
Start over.
Baby step it if you must but remind yourself, you MUST.

Self pity, feeling sorry for yourself, woe woe woe is meeeeeee gets you absolutely nowhere.
I know because Husband and I wasted our whole entire yesterday surrounded in that mucky yuck.
But today…. ?
TODAY is a brand new beginning, my friends
& today holds positives, encouragement and smiles.

So, YaY

Yesterday’s gone

and continue, we WILL.


Oh Yes I Can



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