Deer Sunrise

Deer Sunrise

I saw a couple of deer in my backyard a few mornings ago, totally by chance,
Perfect. Timing.
I just happened to look, they just happened to scurry into the safety of the trees.
At any other point in time, I’d have missed this delightful moment.
Had I dallied a bit longer with my coffee thoughts, had I been consumed by the goings-on of my phone, had I reached for the cereal to pour into my bowl  …

!! zip !!


It was a simple, quiet, majestic, pure instant
& ahhhhh.

A few minutes later, the sun greeted me with a spectacular appearance

and as I stood there mesmerized, yet again, my mind wandered into the why’s ?? of it all.
Why does a chance encounter with deer make my heart so darn happy ??
Why do I stop and wait on an orange ball in the sky that is sure to be, with or without me standing there ??


Maybe it’s the quiet
or maybe it’s the colors.

It could be the anticipation
or the blissful, slow, steady, suddenness.

I’m pretty positive it’s the trust.
The quiet confidence of knowing this today, this earth, this life.

Thank you for your continual, beautifully silent reminders, Deer Sunrise.

I see.
I need.
I love.

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