Hello Friends, I’m back !!


& what was destined to be written and delivered yesterday, will be gifted today instead …
with hugs, love and a mushy-mushy heart  …

Among the various nicknames he received through the early years, BOY, was the original.
our boy,
my boy.
& how I wish I’d have documented those exact feels, as I held this brand new someone, this firstborn.

He’s 40 now, and although I’ve written about him,

Double Happy

with his sisters,

angels ! angels !!

his shared birthday

Happy ! Happy !

& the busy, busy days

It’s A Given

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really, truly expressed the importance of this boy in my life.
Patient, kind, loyal are just a few words that come to mind,
somewhat hardheaded, like his mother,
eternal sports fan, like his dad
& it’s a delightful sense of deja-vu all over again, watching our son with his sons, catching those bits,
those pieces of him, in them.


Love you, pallie, is how I finish up our phone conversations these days, pallie, being the nickname that continues to stick between this mama and her boy.


Happiest of Happy-s to this awesome individual lovingly dubbed, boy.
our boy,
my boy.


Simple Things