Oh, Recognized

Oh, Recognized

And with these words,

in that May, 2019 church bulletin,
their quest began.
Two kindhearted souls, hoping to occupy a few hours each day, stepped forward with a hearty
!! us !! pick US !!
& thisclose to 5 years later, happy campers, Dad and Big Bro continue to be, as they have truly discovered their place in this world.

They’ve made it into the local newspaper a time or three,

received a few certificates along the way

& on every, single one of these occasions, I would exclamation point promise !! I’m going to write about you two !
but why I’ve waited until this moment to actually sit down and do ??
today, just feels right.

I kinda figured Dad had news or maybe some family biz to share when Husband and I returned from our travels yesterday,

but what I was gifted will tickle my insides for a very long while.
And dare I say I have never, ever heard my father so sincerely this excited before ??!!??

Seems he’s been nominated for the National Catholic Charities Volunteer of the Year Award.
And as he explained how he was informed of this awesome news,
answering my wonders and adding details of the who and when and why and where …
it was Dad’s easy p.s. of yes it would be super to receive this high honor, but it’s just so nice to be recognized
that melted my heart to bits.

& oh, recognized

the feeling is mutual, I’m sure.

Thanks for your lesson and your shiny example, Dad and D.
What a beautiful way to live life.


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2 Replies to “Oh, Recognized”

  1. Well deserved congratulations to your Dad ! You and your family continue to inspire and bring great good to all you meet!