My Music Thingie

My Music Thingie

Yesterday, I shared

I Am Music

& promised the other half of this fantastic story today.
But to understand where I’m coming from,


Concrete Smiley Guy

you have to know where I’ve been.

& the songs on this teeny, tiny, music thingie were with me all along, they carried me, they offered hope, at a time I needed hope’s energy, most.
I am here, I am happy because of my steps and my music.

When the day arrived where my dinosaur of a tune holder called it quits, I was devastated.
Wait. WHAT ??!? Please, please !! don’t leave me !! I NEED YOU.
But try as I might, I could not revive my prize, my lifeline. And since I loved this relic sooooo darn much, I just couldn’t, wouldn’t throw it away.
so there it sat, on the top, left corner of my desk, for I don’t know how many minutes.
I’d glance at it every once in a while, smile, reminisce and wish I could duplicate the magic, the absolute joy the songs within, gifted.
Through the years, with modern this and that’s entering my life, I tried. oooooh, I tried to conjure up that exact playlist, the playlist that re-patched my broken heart … but it was not meant to be.
We had our moment and our moment was gone.
Move on, I’d whisper, there are other melodies, other artists, GET OVER IT.

& so, I did.
And with the help of some fine human beings I call, friends who send me songs, my musical notes were replenished. Life went on.

& WHY I noticed my old pal as I was looking for something else on Saturday, WHY  I plugged into an electrical outlet for just one more chance, will remain a beautiful mystery. But when that itsy-bitsy, fully charged, green light appeared, and when I slid the minuscule button to on, and when I heard Pearl Jam’s, Release, ringing through my ears … ??!!??

I’m old-schooling these days
& to whoever/whatever universal wonderfulness was involved in bringing these lyrics back to me, I BIG HUG THANK YOU,
for there are absolutely no words to describe the gift, the delight, the perfect, retro joy I feel
& you best believe, I’ll ride this amazing time-capsule for as long as my nano allows.


downloading or copying or pasting or whatever one does to never, ever, EVER lose this treasure trove again … ? …
that too.

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