A few years ago, I was having one of those not so very good days.
The kids were at school, the husband at work.
No babies to babysit.
Just me.

It was Winter.
I remember the house being sealed up tight.
Favorite sweatshirt, wood stove burning, slippers on.
Sounds perfect, but I was missing my mama.
A lot.

It was one of those bring me to my knees, I can’t do this kind of days.
More tears.

I finally just stopped.
There was no point to doing whatever I was doing.
Instead, I huddled up on the floor in the middle of my room and cried.

After awhile, I paused.
With a gentle nudge, I became aware.
Mom’s favorite body mist filled the air
& that wonderful scent enveloped me, consumed me.
It was awesomely overpowering
& so very calming.
I couldn’t get enough of that incredible aroma.

This moment lasted only a few precious seconds, but it seemed like time stood still
& when it was over, all was right with my world again.

I am sure it was Mom.
She gave me a lovely, body mist hug that day.
She told me things were going to be just fine
& she was right.

Forgive me if you’ve heard this a few too many times.
I need to say it again
and again
and again.

I really truly, with all my heart believe when someone we love leaves this world, we are given signs.
Signs to tell us that our person is perfectly ok.

Big signs.
Little signs.
Not so obvious.

Please pay attention, acknowledge.
Those lovely signs are there.

Perfectly timed songs.
Dreams remembered.
Treasures found.
Fun, unusual happenings happening.
Favorite scents.

That person you love continues.
Open up.
Their beautiful signs are everywhere.
Showing, promising that they are absolutely fine
& yes, YOU will be fine again too.