I Am Music

I Am Music

Pulled from my 2017 archives.
But since today is a holiday, relax, have fun and I’ll tell you the rest of this amazing story tomorrow …


! ♥  !!

Some would call it a dinosaur, and I suppose they’d be right.
I’ve had ‘my music thingie’ for a very long while.
It was a back in the day, hand-me-down from Daughter and I have loved it ever since.

It’s perfect
& inside, it carries the tunes that truly touch my soul

& yes, a whole lotta Barry resides there, but surprisingly, plenty of other artists gather as well.
Within this priceless, mini gadget are the songs that hit me right smack dab in the feels.
They are the songs that heal, strengthen, identify me.

Golly ! I sure do love music.
It’s just so wonderfully amazing how music calms my brain, quiets the noise and speaks to my heart.

But there’s music,
& then, there’s MUSIC
& I’ve often wondered why certain voices, certain songs reach that unreachable place, the core of me.
As if that song, that voice knows me better than I know myself.
It’s beauty is what it is !
It is special and sacred and awesome

& THAT is my today wish for YOU.
yep. yep.

Listen to YOUR music.

Turn on the radio or iPod or pad or tunes or whatever ‘music thingie’ you happen to call your own, and escape into the glorious blissfulness of it all.
Enjoy it for what it is, why it is and what it does and let it fill that heart of yours with happy

& if you happen to need any Barry recommendations ?
Call me.
Because he writes the songs.

Oh yes, he does.